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Every organisation will face a crisis at some time in its life; however only some will be prepared for it. Paternoster has the expertise to train you and your team to communicate effectively during a crisis. We have developed a proprietary simulation tool that brings a crisis to life: realistic interactions with the media, social media and your team; real-time decisions through the exercise affecting the outcomes of the crisis. The simulations can be a powerful training tool on their own or can be used as part of a full crisis training day run by experts.

Schools Crisis Training

We have used this simulation platform to develop an online crisis training package aimed specifically at schools. This package includes a 45-minute video that teaches how a school can prepare for and handle a crisis that typically will place a school into the media spotlight. This video is followed by a realistic online simulation that allows the participant to experience a crisis as it unfolds and to reinforce the techniques they have learned in the video in a highly realistic scenario. Click payment options to find out more.