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Fresh high-impact communications

We create fresh high-impact communications programmes that reach and resonate with all stakeholders - from employees to customers, the media, regulators and existing and potential investors. In our experience, all audiences need to be considered even if one group is a priority.  

We are a highly experienced team, backed by digital applications and data analytics, and we are here to help our clients achieve their ambitions.

Reputation Communications Preparedness
Crisis training and simulation

Every organisation will face a crisis at some time in its life however only some will be prepared for it. Paternoster has the expertise to train you and your team to communicate effectively during a crisis. We have developed a proprietary simulation tool that brings a crisis to life: realistic interactions with the media, social media and your team; real-time decisions through the exercise affecting the outcomes of the crisis; and short training videos integrated throughout. The simulations can be a powerful training tool on their own or can be used as part of a full crisis training day run by experts. Please get in touch for more information.